Chassis designed specifically to ensure lightness and top performance combined with production techniques derived directly from the racing world. Aluminium frame and swingarm are cast in some of the most famous foundries in Bologna to be then CNC machined with centesimal precision. The seatpost subframe, also made of aluminium, is composed of two moulded shells joined together by hand welding with maniacal care.

The 1000W motor comes with a custom firmware tuned by Huracan and can be used through 9 power maps fully customizable according to the type of use of the vehicle. The chainring can also be customized on request to obtain higher or lower gear ratios from the standard ones. In addition, the Guià adopts an electric gear sensor in order to safeguard the entire transmission system.
High quality 4-piston brakes made specifically for the Guià. The excellent brake calipers and levers provide a smooth braking and deliver a reliable performance, while the electric sensors cut off the motor during the braking phase in order to ensure increased safety.
The long‑travel suspensions of the Guià are suitable for any kind of application, whether it’s off‑road like enduro and downhill, or on‑road like for urban and circuit use. Both the front fork and the rear monoshock are fully adjustable to your needs and preferences.
Produced with the best 18650 cells on the market, the Guià battery pack has been entirely designed by the Huracan team to reduce weight and size to the bone. The case, made purely of carbon fiber, allows the battery pack to have an overall weight of only 6kg with a capacity of over 1500Wh, while integrating also a new generation BMS to ensure optimum cell maintenance over the years and to meet all safety standards.

All the data of your Guià can be easily kept under control at any time thanks to its 3.5” full color LCD display. Among the values that can be viewed, there is the speed of the moto‑bike, the range of the battery and the power coming from the motor. Moreover, the display is also equipped with a USB port to charge your favorite portable device.

The Guià was designed from the very beginning to be suitable for a wide range of applications. For this reason, it features the possibility to choose between off‑road and custom‑made Moto3 ultralight wheels. Whether you have to ride through steep and winding paths or through the city streets, the Guià has what it takes.
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